Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Here's the poem I'm reciting tonight (I'm typing from memory so excuse any spelling mistakes!)
Terry Jones
If you're feeling jaded,
or if you're feeling blue,
Have a little battle,
That's what soldiers do.

When Gengis Khan was feeling bored,
He'd gather up a mighty hoard,
and say "Today we'll devistate,
as far as Kiev" and they'd say "great"

A khan who wants to spread some charm
into his life will bring some harm
a little killing here and there
brings life to armies everywhere

It's very hard you see to train
in the latest ways of causing pain
without occasionally trying
out the latest ways in dying

The Goths, when life began to pall
Would simply go and ravage Gaul
And evey Vandal, evey Hun
agreed on ways to "Have some fun!"

Ceasar and Napoleon too,
did what all good soldiers do,
by giving chaps a little thrill
and a chance to kill.

So if you're feeling jaded
or if you're feeling blue
have a little battle
that's what soldiers do!