Thursday, October 17, 2002

The guy in charge of the Natulius Music Theater called me today. I'd say "we talked" but he did most of the talking (I'd heard he was rather extroverted!) He is mailing me some info this weekend (Philosophy, a copy of the grant proposal that would pay me, and "stuff") and said he wants to experiment with "new management techniques" (whatever that means!) It's an 8 month gig (because that's how long the grant goes) with an expecation that as a part of the job, I'd find funding to continue the job (Now that's a reason to get up and go to work in the morning!!!!) He wants to find someone who will "fit" - and I like that a lot (Sure a paid internship - which could last indefinately, provide contacts, and lets me in on the messy details of a crazy growing organization - is GREAT!! But it's nice to know that if I land the postition - it's not just because he needs a warm body to do scut work - - - - ya know?