Wednesday, October 23, 2002

GOOD THINGS happened last night in my silly writing/ speech class.
Good Thing #1 - The Man canceled class next week (yipee!)
Good Thing #2 - Julia is coming to town!!!!
"How," you ask, "Did you find out Julia's gonna be here?"
Well, that's the crazy part. We were on a break from our silly speeches, and Kate asked me out of the blue if I had a copy of the piano part to the lords prayer in D flat. I gave her a werid look, and she expalined that it was for her wedding, and her fiance had messed some things up and she really really needed to get this music to the accompanimist (her wedding is next week!)
As she was talking, she said some things about her finace, where he went to school, the fact that he played cello, his first name . . . AND THEN, she mentioned this tiny town in Iowa and I thought "Wait, Julia's brother plays cello, he went to that school, that's his first name, and that's his hometown - - could Kate be marrying Julia's brother???" So I interrupted and asked - and it's him. Very cool, but very werid!
Good Thing #3 - The test over all the APA rules is CANCELED!! (yipee!) (It's just silly to have a test on that anyway - since one can look up whatever one needs to know in the book)