Friday, September 13, 2002

it makes a nice litle chant doesn't it?

I SAW YO YO MA!!! (yipee!)
It was one of those "risk" things. I really wanted to save some $$$ and get a student rush ticket - so I didn't order a ticket back when they came out (apperently they sold out rather quickly anyway!) UNFORTUNATELY, they weren't offering student rush tickets tonight . . . BUT, I did sit and wait and a seat did become avaliable (more than I had hoped to spend, but it's YO YO MA so that's alright!!!!!

Of course, it is much easier to get a last minute ticket to a sold out performance when one is by oneself - which I was! I could have draged someone else along, but I don't want to share the experience with someone who doesn't want to be there.

And for the rest of the world unable to get a ticket for tonights performance, here is the official JULIEVW concert review. . . . .
Shostakovich Cello Concerto No. 1
Movt. 1 -- the balance was off -- The orchestra played too loudly and it bothered me greatly!
The stupid audience also claped between movements - that bothered me too, but I got over it once the second movement began
Movt. 2 - Absolutely beautiful - there were some fabulous harmonics that came through so clearly. Haunting would be a good word. I forgot to breath for most of this section. I need to listen to this movt. again.
Movt. 3 is actually an extended cadenza -- LOVED IT (this is what Yo-yo played on the opening of that Marsalis on Music Video) Great stuff - totally virtuosic and amazing!!!
Movt. 4 - Good -- orchestra was too loud again (come on people - let the soloist play!) but it wasn't as overpowering as the first movement.

Yo-yo is SO cool. When he first came out on stage, he not only shook the concert masters hand, but also the principal violin (Yeah - Second violins are people too!). Then after he performed (and the applause kept coming) he made a point to hug both of the front row cellists, AND the principal viola!!

He played a movt. of the unaccompanied Bach as an encore (I don't know what one, but people in the lobby were discussing it and thought it was Saraband from the Third Suite)

At intermission I tried to go backstage, but it wasn't possible (VERY BIG usher / bouncer kept me far far away)

There is no way I'm going to be able to sleep tonight!! It was a VERY GOOD NIGHT!!!