Sunday, September 15, 2002

When I started dreaming about this Arts Administration degree, my goal was to end up some place BIG, like a major symphony orchestra. I was really excited about doing an internship with the SPCO or MN Orch., but now I'm not so sure.

I'm starting to think a smaller, younger, less established organization might be right for me. Someplace where I can actually do something without a lot of people telling me it can't be done (or that they've never done it that way before). The education programs at the symphony don't excite me (the symphony excites me, but hauling busloads of kids to a speical "kids concert" to play "kids music" doesn't).

I am excited about some smaller organizations. . .
COMPASS wants to help people out by having them create their own art - not just in schools, but less traditional places too like battered womens shelters and prisions . Their official missions statement reads "COMPASS strengthens people and communities in Minnesota by engaging them in creating art." Very Cool!
Minnesota Alliance for Arts Education is a grassroots organization that works to save and preserve art and music education in the schools. (not as cool as COMPASS, but a spiffy idea!)
Free Art of Minnesota brings "the healing powers of artistic expression into the lives of abused, neglected and at risk children and their families. Volunteers from the community share their creativity in the visual arts, theater, dance, music, creative writing and other art projects with children who live in residential treatment centers, group homes and shelters, and therapeutic schools. Through the creative arts, children build self-esteem and social skills, renew trust with a caring adult, and learn to express emotions in a positive way."
I have an appointment with the program director later this month to talk about internships and such. Free Arts is desperate for slave labor and is looking for an intern to start ASAP. I'm interested. Very Interested.

OTHER REALLY COOL ORGANIZATIONS (not places to work, I'm just admiring from a distance!)
Creative Capital Foundation gives grants, and strategic planning support to artists. Funded artists agree to share a percentage of profits with Creative Capital, which helps to fund future grants!
Artspace who creates and manages space for the artistic community to live, work, or perform. ("I'm a struggling artists, I need a house")

I'm excited. Very excited.