Tuesday, September 24, 2002

What a weekend!! Two papers in three days (plus some reading and starting research for a third paper due next week!) It's all good though - I like what I'm doing. I love the stuff I'm learning. I'm challenged by the folks around me, and I'm generally happy! (The fact that Mr. "Writing Teacher" graded me very well on my last assingment might be contributing to my sunny outlook on life!) (YIPEE!!!!!!)

Another contributing factor to my general disposition is that I will be getting a new paycheck tomorrow (with an extra $4, as reimbursement for bank fees). I am happy. (what a concept - actually getting money from a paycheck and not Loosing $4 for working all month!!) Oops! methinks my cynical side is starting to overpower my happy sunny side - - must be time for bed!!!.

My strings kids will start lessons tomorrow (horray!) I have six kids signed up so far (3 violins, 2 violas, and a bass!) Not a bad start - more kids are going to sign up - but I want to start the ones who are ready to go (one little girl has brought her fiddle to school for the last 5 days!!!!). I miss teaching instrumental stuff - - this is gonna be great!