Saturday, September 07, 2002

LIFE IS GOOD!I am with my own kind (be afraid, be very afraid - there are others out there like me!) There is a TE Lawerance Quote I got from Delfi about people who dream at night while they are sleeping, and people who dream by day and make things happen. I'm among people who dream AWAKE! Things are happening, there is potiential, and I love it!

WORK SCHOOL� is just Sabrina's dream, this school is held together by her vision and the sweat of the people she has convinced to come along with her on this adventure. On one hand it's really cool to be a part of something small that could be so big. On the other hand, it's not easy to do this job (the kids are not ready to learn, the culture is totally forgein, we have no resources, It's an impossible job - there is no way it can be done. But we're doing it anyway and that's cool.

SMU SCHOOL � Very exciting. Today we did a lot of touchy feel-ly stuff. And I have to write a silly paper (mission statement, strengths, areas for improvement, future goals, blah blah blah) which I'm not looking forward to (I'd forgotten about the bogus papers and projects that teachers think are important) BUT the possibilities are so cool. We are thinking about internships and what we want to do. One of my projects later this month is to develop a plan for my own organization. Elizabeth said that most of the students have a project or idea for a nonprofit organization in the back of their minds when they start the program, and it's much more useful to do marketing and development projects with something we are passionate about (rather than textbook case studies) The exciting part is that students have actually gone out and put it all into practice and actually started their own non-profit!

I do have an idea that's been in the back of my mind, I want my own music "school" but it's going to be more than just a school - more of a community center � One stop shoping for music excitement needs, with a community orchestra, and rehearsal space and informaal conecerts and masterclasses and so much more!! (Maybe like tracey rush's school) I'd like for it to be connected with a symphony at some point � but maybe not.

Larry, the dean, came by to hang out with out class this afternoon. At the orientation he said as an "arts dean" he was one of the cool guys � (Julie's Rules For Life # 17 - beware of anyone who labels themselves as cool) the great thing is that he REALLY IS COOL!! :Larry sat in the back and took notes like the rest of us, participated in small group discussions as an equal party, started a long totally irrelevant discussion about the merits of Pepsi Vs. Coke (he is a militant Coke person, in case you are wondering. This distresses him greatly because SMU has just gotten a huge check from Pepsi Co. to be a Pepsi only campus) and generally gave his opions just as he felt, exactly as they came!

NOW I must go get to work - there is much to be done this weekend, besides writing that mission statment and thinking about my strengths and weaknesses. Tuesday I start Communications � YIKES - very scarey. More writing � oh no oh no oh no!) I get to go buy my APA style guide on Monday (It's at least three inches thick - probably one of the scarier books ever written!)