Friday, September 27, 2002

I talked with the SMU Arts Admin. program director about internship and practicums and "stuff" yesterday. It was good. I have a whole list of exciting potential places to investigate! I'm really excited about a particular opportunity with a Music Theater Company - they are currently working on a grant to turn this little practicum into a PAID gig!!!! (like long term part time job!) AND THEN they'd like to work out something where I could attend workshops and classes at SpringBoard for free! (very exciting!) Of course, I know nothing about this orginization yet (i might hate it!) and the grant has not come through yet, (they hope to hear about that in November) and there are other orginizations I need to research as well! But it'd be "Wicked Cool" to get $$ and credit for my work (That's not happening with very many arts internships at the moment!)

We also talked about the classes I'll need next semester - - Cultural Studies on Mondays and Financial Management II on Saturdays. (So I'll be able to hang out with the 11-10 crew on Tuesday Nights, and catch The West Wing on Wednesdays!!!) And she handed back my first two papers (A's!! Hooray!!) Julie is happy!!