Wednesday, September 25, 2002

By John Kao

* Everyone is Creative *
* All ideas are welcome and deserve hearing *
* Creativity is part of every job description *
* Premature closure and excessive judgement are cardinal sins *
* Creativity is about finding balance between art and discipline *
* Creativity involves openness to a wide range of inputs *
* Experiments must be encouraged *
* Noble failure is honorable, poor implementation or bad choices are not *
* Creativity involves mastering a process of continuous change *
* Creative results involve a balance of intuition and facts *
* Creativity can, and should be managed *
* Creative work is not an excuse for chaos, disarray or sloppiness in execution *

"It's quite simple, really. Form follows function. We work in support of creative people and our job is merely to be creative and insist others do the same."
Stolen from the article Leadership as Creativity on the Lessons Learned section of the National Endowments for the Arts Website