Wednesday, September 11, 2002

COMMUNICATIONS class began last night. I'm slightly concerned that the 'fella who is supposed to be teaching writing and public speaking has several awkward sentences in his syllabus and seems afraid to talk in front of our class. (Things that make you go hhhmmmm....) Oh yeah, he isn't a teacher either, (that's painfully obvious!)

So, he critiqued the writing assesments we took a couple weeks ago and gave everyone "tasks" for our next few assingments. I have been limited to 14 word sentences. (OK maybe I'm a little bitter and resistant, but 14 WORDS!!! I've seen first grade reading books with longer sentences than that!!!

An alum of the program told me that she learned a lot from this guy, and I'm not very good at that "first impressions" thing, (My 1st impression is almost always WRONG!) so I'll give him another chance - but I'm not holding out much hope!

On a happier note, our class has totally bonded as a result of last nights class (I'm not the only whinny one!) Up until now we've all been nice and polite. Now our true, mean, rotten, cynical sides have begun to show (not toward each other, just toward annoying and stupid people!!) This makes for much more interesting small talk during our breaks!!